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Your e-solutions friend,
Technology never tires, never rests, never stops. What do you get when you combine the top-of-the-line pedagogy of Mahesh Tutorials with user-friendly technology?

First-of-its-kind teaching technologies that help students achieve their goals and succeed.

For achieving outstanding results and excellence, you can rely on subject matter expert teachers and specialised, self-explanatory e-learning content created by Mahesh Tutorials – ROBOMATE.

Taking forward the Technology Aided Teaching (TAT) initiative of MT Educare, ROBOMATE helps you learn, revise and win.

ROBOMATE is your study friend - Anytime, Anywhere!
In line with our vision, 'Anytime & Anywhere Education', ROBOMATE is available to you 24x7!

  • Simple, Flexible Logistics: You can access your course material from any place around the world, at any time that's convenient to you.
  • Immediate Results and Feedback: ROBOMATE integrates various learning tools to enhance your pace of learning and also lets you know your exam preparedness.
  • Better Retention: With appropriate graphic representation and impactful multimedia, ROBOMATE offers a multi-dimensional learning experience.

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