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Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has launched Robomate+ for the students in Thane. This event took place at 12:00 PM on 10th February 2015 at the Narendra Ballal Auditorium in Thane.

View the report here.

The Karnataka PU Board has shown its support for the revolutionary Robomate+ App by giving permission to distribute it amongst the students of PU II (Science) in Karnataka. This app is extremely useful in helping students study so that they may score well in their examinations. View the permission letter below.

This year's CAT results have been amazing for CPLC. With excellent results and innumerable calls, it is time for celebration. A run down of the results is given below.

Mr. Vinod Tawde, Hon. Education Minister of Maharashtra launched Robomate+ for the students of standards 9th,10th, 11th, and 12th of Maharashtra State Board. Mr. Tawde was impressed with the App and highlighted its features and advantages in a very lucid manner.

Watch the launch video here.

MT Educare Charitable Trust's Robomate App, which consists of free video lectures of expert faculty, was launched in Karnataka by Mr. Kimmane Rathnakar, the Honourable Education Minister of Karnataka, today. This app is a way of giving an additional tool to students to excel in their studies.

View what he had to say about the app here.

Punjab Education Minister Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema today launched a mobile application ‘Robomate +’ an initiative to provide free online coaching to the aspirants of competitive exams. Lauding the effort of Lakshaya Group who has developed this mobile app, Dr. Cheema said that lacs of students would benefit from this online facility especially the government school students.

View what he had to say here.

Lakshya, the MT Educare wing that provides coaching for Boards, JEE (Main & Advanced), Engineering, & Medical entrance exams, organized a seminar for the students of Standard 10 who have expressed an interest in pursuing Science.

The Maharashtra government has announced that from 2016 onwards it will not be participating in the JEE exams for admission to engineering colleges in the state. Instead, it is reintroducing MH-CET for engineering.

State higher and technical education minister Vinod Tawde said that this move was introduced to reduce the burden on students as they will not have to study the CBSE Class 11 and 12 syllabi, as required for JEE. This, says Mr. Tawde, will make matters easier for students as they need to only study the State Board syllabus for attempting the CET. Along with MH-CET scores, the aspirants’ Class 12 marks will be also considered for admission to engineering colleges in the state.

For more information refer the links below:

Hindustan Times

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