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Some of the Key highlights are:

  • Aggregate (Best of 5) - 54 students scoring 95% & above
  • Aggregate (Best of 5) - 210 students scoring 90% & above
  • English - 6 students scoring 95 & above
  • Hindi - 102 students scoring 95 & above
  • Marathi - 5 students scoring 95 & above
  • Hist./Civ. & Geog. - 74 students scoring 95 & above in which 1 student scoring 100/100
  • Maths - 101 students scoring 95 & above in which 5 students scoring 100/100
  • Hist./Civ. & Geog. - 74 students scoring 95 & above in which 1 student scoring 100/100
  • Science - 45 students scoring 95 & above
  • Comm. Stud. - 36 students scoring 95 & above in which 2 students scoring 100/100
  • EVS - 9 students scoring 95 & above
  • Group III - 155 students scoring 95 & above in which 19 students scoring 100/100.

Mahesh Tutorials Science has now made available the NTSE Stage II 2016 Answer Key available to its students. You can get it here

Mahesh Tutorials Science has made the answer key for the AIPMT 2016 test available to students.

Click here to access the Answer Key.

Dear Student,

MHT-CET is the doorway to enter the professional Courses. Unlike the board exams, this exam is given in one day. MHT-CET is the most important exam in Maharashtra for students aspiring to become doctors and engineers. Getting expert guidance and mentoring at this stage is Critical to getting admission into your dream college. And you can get this expert guidance and mentoring from the distinguished faculty of MT Educare (formerly Mahesh Tutorials)-Prof. Chintan Parekh and Dr. Surendra Singh-sitting right in your home.

Along with Topper Sandesh Shetty (190/200 at MHTCET), the faculty will explore the journey to cracking MHT-CET including,

1. Methodology and techniques to prepare CET: Subject wise, Chapter wise and Topic wise.
Detailed idea on how to manage and prioritize Chapters of a given subject and allocate proper time to complete it 100%.

2. Talk by CET Topper
Our topper Mr. Sandesh Shetty who secured 190/200 will be emphasizing on the systematic preparation and give complete guidance as to how to boost your CET scores.

3. Establishing a fix routine/day planning
Managing time and acting wisely is the foremost need to crack any competitive examination especially if it’s CET.

4. Health tips& Diet management
An expert opinion about choosing your diet plan and Do’s and Don’ts to maintain vibrant health and sound state of mind

The webinar is scheduled on 30th March between 6 pm to 6.45 pm.

So go ahead and Grab your CET by registering here for Free!

Bonus Tip: If you have read so far, here is an added Bonus.
You can ask any doubts and questions to be addressed by the panelists during the webinar, right now. Just ask the question when completing the registration process and we will try our best to address them during the webinar.

P.S.: Checkout the Now Trending Robomate+ App on the Android Playstore

MT Educare organized a photo-fest in association with Standard Chartered Bank on 13th February 2016 on the occasion of Valentine's Day. All employees were provided props and funky additions to their clothing. Making an impromptu competition of the event, HR announced that the department with the best wacky photos will get featured on the website. So, as promised, here are the winners of the photo-fest.

1st Prize goes to...the Accounts and Finance Team!!

And the Runners Up are....the Government Projects Team!!

Hum Se Puchho is an initiative by Global Education Trust undertaken with knowledge partner MT Educare, established with an objective of solving problems faced by the students appearing for their standard 10th board examinations. This 24 x 7 helpline intends to aid students with their last minute queries and to boost their confidence during their board examinations.

This initiative started in 2006, has helped students who are stressed and aims to interact with them and reduce their stress, ultimately encouraging them to score well. This initiative now caters to students of Standard 10 of the CBSE, ICSE, and Maharashtra State Boards; students of Standard 12 Commerce of the Maharashtra State Board; and students of 4 mediums of BMC Schools—English, Marathi, Hindi, and Urdu.

The team of dedicated teachers is swamped with non-stop calls from over-anxious, nervous students and parents. We have a counsellor who attends to the students' needs round-the-clock, giving them expert advice.

The call volumes have been increasing every year since this initiative was started. In the year 2014-15, the no.of calls for each subject ranged from 300 to 800.

Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has launched Robomate+ for the students in Thane. This event took place at 12:00 PM on 10th February 2015 at the Narendra Ballal Auditorium in Thane.

View the report here.

The Karnataka PU Board has shown its support for the revolutionary Robomate+ App by giving permission to distribute it amongst the students of PU II (Science) in Karnataka. This app is extremely useful in helping students study so that they may score well in their examinations. View the permission letter below.

This year's CAT results have been amazing for CPLC. With excellent results and innumerable calls, it is time for celebration. A run down of the results is given below.


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