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Congratulations to MT Educare CA Final Students who have passed with flying colours. Special congratulations to our top rankers Kothari Pooja Jain – AIR 33, Varsha Srinivasan- AIR 35 and Chintan Pavani – AIR 43. We are proud of all our students and wish them best of luck for the future.

Our students have once again achieved Top All India Ranks in CA Foundation. Congratulations to all our 11 CA Foundation Top Rankers who have once again proved that smart preparations help in attaining top honors and MT Educare prepares students with the best methodology.

Our students have once again achieved Top All India Ranks in CA Finals and CA Intermediate. Congratulations to our CA Final Top Rankers Naveena M - AIR 18, and Sonakshi Gupta - AIR 37. Best of Luck to all CA Finalists for your Future. Congratulations also to our students - CA Inter Top Rankers Vishrudh Narayanan - AIR 26, and Deepa Chandrasekaran - AIR 49. Best of Luck to all Students for your CA Final Exam.

Once again Top Rank students have reiterated that MT Educare CA Teaching methodology is the best. Our students have grabbed 9 out of Top 50 Ranks. Congratulations to all our students for successfully completing the CA Foundation Course. Our top rankers are .

Name Rank Name Rank
Labdhi Bafna Air 17 Vigneshwar Madhan Air 36
Sivasankari K Air 38 Tilak Surya G Air 38
Soundarya S Air 40 Varshini V Air 42
Shriram S Air 45 Azim Nihal Air 47
Sathyanarayanan SAir 47

Enjoy writing essays? Participate in the 'Arya Chanakya Essay Competition' organized by RMP, supported by Robomate+, & win attractive prizes! Choose from 3 interesting essay topics & write in Hindi, Marathi or English. Submit your essay on or before 30th June 2018. The winners will be felicitated during the Rambhau Mhalgi Memorial Lecture on 8th July in Pune. For Registration, submission and other details check image below!

Arya Chanakya Essay Competition

Mahesh Tutorials' Students have once again achieved top positions in the HSC Commerce 2018 Exams. Our Top Rankers: Kevin F. (95.69%), Simone D. (93.54%), Pooja W. (92.62%), Radhika R.(92.62%), & Asha M. (92.62%). Mahesh Tutorials Congratulates all successful HSC Commerce Students for their results.

Our Subject Highest Marks are: BK - 100/100, Economics - 95/100, OCM - 96/100, Math - 99/100 & SP - 95/100.

Congratulations to all our CA Final Students for Clearing the Exam with Flying Colours.

Time to celebrate MT Educare Students’ Success in the CA Final Exam! Even as the results are coming in, a special Congratulations for Shubham Kothari AIR 13th, Karthik Ganesh AIR 21st, Karishma Gajaria AIR 22nd, Paduchuri Ramakrishna AIR 35th, and Aarzoo Merchant AIR 50th.

Commerce Students participating in the fun filled Onyx 2017 showed their competitive side by contesting for top honours. Students and teachers had fun while participating in events such as races, dances, stage performances and other fun filled activities. ONYX - dimension of distinction, is being organized since the inception of Mahesh Tutorials Commerce and this year the event had 2000 participants from more than 75 different colleges from across Mumbai. ONYX was divided into cultural and sports activities and was organised on two days at different venues. The venues were Acharya Atre ground, Ghatkopar East, on 24th Dec & on 26th Dec. it was held at Kalidas Auditorium, Mulund West.

There was immense competition in the sports events such as the races and relays. The competition was so fierce that students had started practicing weeks in advance. There were many other exciting events from T-20 to Gym events, Fine Arts to Performing Arts, Fun events to literary events. There were around 54 events held during Onyx. Each event had a unique name like Zabardast Pheku, Bhuvan Kaun, Jodi No. 1, Param Paragat Paridhan, and Chunaav Tanaav. The students even engaged professional choreographers to win the title of ONYX Champ.

ONYX encourages Team Spirit, Team Building Efforts and camaraderie in students. Every team appoints students who take responsibility of organizing finance, publicity, choreographers and other resources needed by the team. They have to decide the students who will take part in particular events and then keep the momentum and encouragement high till the event is over so that the team wins because although the individual events count the ONYX Champ is the team. In other words ONYX helps students learn to organize themselves in life and the career that they will be taking up in the future.

Our CA IPCC students achieved high ranks across the country with AIR 20, 44, 45, 46. Results are still coming in. Await further good news.

CA FINAL (May 2017)


AIR 2, 5, 15, 17, 20, 23, 26, 32, 33, 41,43, 44, 46, 47, 47, 49, 49 are MT EDUCARE students.

CA - CPT (June 2017)


'180 & ABOVE' OUT OF 200

Our top scores of CA-CPT : 191, 190, 187, 186, 184, 183, 182, 181, 180

Marks are out of 200. These are top ranking scores for CA-CPT secured by MT Educare students.

*ICAI has stopped publishing CPT Ranks.


  • Sarvesh Mehtani - AIR 1, IIT JEE 2017

    I owe my success to my parents, teachers and the entire Lakshya team. My experience at Lakshya was simply awesome. It was at Lakshya that I understood that motivation is about believing in yourself and enjoying what you do. I had a plan to achieve high scores. Lakshya professors divided my goal of achieving success at the IIT JEE into smaller milestones. The teachers at Lakshya weren’t just teachers they were our mentors and friends. And mentors get the best out of you. They used to push us to extremes and according to them the way to progress would be when we stepped out of our comfort zones. They knew the weaknesses of all the students and suggested corrective measures for each student individually. We were encouraged to clarify doubts and our teachers patiently answered doubts even 10 to 20 times. Sometimes we started lectures at 5.30 in the morning and we used to be sitting in the classes till 12 in the night. But even then we never felt stressed. Lakshya makes the journey of JEE preparation so easy we never felt like we were studying so hard. It was simply like breathing for us because Lakshya was always there.

  • Ashish Waikar - AIR 7, IIT JEE 2017

    Lakshya was like home during JEE preparations. I went home only to sleep. There were either lectures or something important happening all the time. Discussions and doubt solving was always going on and I did not want to miss it. The teachers themselves forced us to take a break with a little fun activity. We played cricket or went to a movie. Motivation happened naturally since everybody was into preparation mode. Lakshya teachers assessed everybody and suggested the topics where we should concentrate and others which they were confident we could do easily. Lakshya is a place to experience. I cannot thank them enough.

  • Manthan Jindal - AIR 32, IIT JEE 2017

    JEE preparation with Lakshya was so smooth I never felt nervous. There was no pressure except that the date was coming near. Teachers were always around to solve our doubts and guide us. We worked on our weaknesses relentlessly and converted them to our strengths. The professors were very supportive and even hung out with us during breaks so that we were always motivated.

  • Siddhi Khandagale - 94.77% in HSC Science 2017 MH-CET (PCM-178/200, PCB-176/200)

    Mahesh tutorial Lakshya family has been an integral part of my success. I am glad that I have been part of Mahesh Tutorial right since standard 9. I scored 96.80% in standard 10 and my heart said MT Educare was the only choice. These years have been so very lively and so very helpful for me that the experience will be beneficial for me for my entire life. The teachers here are so very full of life and energy. Even as the teachers would enter the class full of energy, that attitude would make us want to study with our heart . The teachers made it a point to make us understand each and every concept very precisely. They used to make all efforts like presentations, animations and any sort of practical method of teaching which made us remember. Even when I was writing my board exams I could remember every concept our teachers had taught. I have a habit of asking doubts whatever they may be to every teacher. The teachers used to clarify my doubts even when the question were not academic. Here I truly understood what a mentor is. Kudos to all teachers of Mahesh Tutorials.

  • Vedika Thakekar - 94.92% HSC Commerce 2017

    My journey in Mahesh Tutorial started from 9th standard. In standard 10 I secured 95.6% and I chose commerce as my career. I continued with Mahesh Tutorials because my earlier experience had been something very special. Here we don't only study, but we have fun too. The teachers are so live wire and full of enthusiasm. They developed our interest in the subjects. They used to give us so many examples that you could connect easily and remember it effortlessly.

  • Siddhesh Sherkar - 94.92% HSC Commerce 2017

    Learning at Mahesh Tutorials was a two way communication process and helped me learn complex topics easily. We were told to do everything with applications. The teachers explained to us with the help of diagrams, presentations and illustrations helping us relate topics to the practical world. I believe this is what makes Mahesh Tutorials so great. My teachers at MT were always available to solve our doubts

  • CA Krunali Shah - AIR 23 CA FINAL MAY 2017

    Loyalty is always rewarding. And my bond with MT is the best proof. Sitting on those MT benches from X grade till CA Final, my journey was made so smooth by MT. Right from the professors to the management to the office boys, everyone makes a contribution towards students' success at MT. The professors are like mentors, always available to guide and solve all the problems. MT has been a crucial part of my academic journey so far. Right from passing 10th with a 94% to getting 100/100 in accounts in 12th and then getting an All India Rank 23 in CA Final level, MT team along with CPLC has been besides me, guiding, encouraging, motivating and ensuring that I always fight a commendable battle.
    Thanks a million to everyone at MT for making this possible.

  • CA Shweta Tulsyan - AIR 26 CA FINAL MAY 2017

    Wow! What an exciting journey it has been from Std. X to CA Final.
    Having achieved great academic heights, throughout my journey, the only support for me had been my Modern Day Gurukul - "Mahesh Tutorials".
    Spending a constant 8 years of my journey with MT, it had been almost a second home to me and the reward it gave me in the end was that I entered as just a student and exited as a Qualified Professional.
    Will be indebted towards MT always.
    Kudos to the Teachers and Management for all the efforts they have put in throughout my Career. Their approachable demeanor and constant support never failed to amaze me.

  • CA Mayuresh Wagh - AIR 47 CA FINAL MAY 2017

    Major part of my life had been spend on the benches of Mahesh Tutorials and the classrooms here have been more familiar to me than my own house.
    The blackboards here and the projector screen in the classrooms are now more familiar to me than a Television.
    The teachers and management team here have been my Academic Parents throughout my career.
    MT - Mahesh Tutorials has nurtured me like "My Tutorials" and they have been always like a Guide by the side.
    Thank You Milind Choksi Sir for admitting me at MT at my Std. X and Thank You Kavish Dawda Sir for helping me add a prefix to my Name - CA.

  • Vaibhav Hariharan HSC Commerce : 96.00% Agg 2016

    Robomate+ App has been extremely useful for the students. It helped me a lot in revising the concepts for Std. XII Board exam. It acted as a teacher in the absence of a teacher physically.
    Moreover, it has also helped a lot for preparing for CPT Exam. I am really thankful to MT Educare for its fantastic work on this app...

  • James John Britto R AIR 1 CA Final Nov. 2015

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