In 1988, Mahesh Shetty, a young teacher, started Mahesh Tutorials with a mission of revolutionizing education and transforming lives. Prior to that, he was planning to pursue a career in the Army, but a chance meeting with a friend led him into the world of teaching. Due to his friend’s prodding, Mr. Shetty took up a job with a coaching academy, immediately after graduation, not realizing where this journey would lead him.

Once he started teaching, the entrepreneurial spirit in him was awakened and he started the first coaching centre of Mahesh Tutorials at Mulund, Mumbai. He started teaching Mathematics for Class IX and X students of Maharashtra State Board.


As the journey began and gained momentum, Mr. Mahesh Shetty entered into a partnership model, bringing in like-minded teaching professionals. By the late 90s, Mahesh Tutorials became a household name in the School coaching space.

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