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    Fi'href','h--snnp://mSelect newsfeleh trit"bariniv>v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>I owe my succesl to my ponosts, tracheis"and theuentiiec remes"and accoad uEes"at 5.30hin theAmy n ="/images/ba at uEes"at 5.30hin theAmy n p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp> uEes"/i s (i,ng"ite.",herihappenmages/ba I cannottthare themuenough.p cs/"ps v>p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>rea preplishcepttthat theArequAwas cFm ngths. Thh profeslois"weie vgry supe.",ive and evga hua h/ut with ul durp v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> 2017 MH-CET (PCM-178/200, PCB-176/200)es v>p:// v>pp>Mahesh tudoiiue "of trachp v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp> ="jFienhy in Mahesh Tudoiiue carrted from 9thAotand . In stand I secuah 95.6%pand I chose co as my is eei I continuh with Mahesh Tudoiiuel because yuearlier /images/ba had beeopso (i,ng"vgry speciue. HhreAweAdon't only otupy, but wa havh fun}too Thh tracheis"a e so live wire and full of e thusiasm. Thhy :evgloped our interest inttheAsubj"> s. Thhy used to give us so many examples"that yFi couldAc "asilypand remeKoth it eff.",p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>L"arnp v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Loyrc=ytis always"rewaadp v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Wow! What an ">citp v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Maj/i pont of my lif had beeopsp nd on the benches of Mahesh Tudoiiuel andAth Selecrooms heiechaveAbeeopmy etfamiliar to mo rhar my own use pbr The black s heiecandAth proj"> /i screeopin theASelecrooms a e nowpmy etfamiliar to mo rhar a Te;"vili pbr The tracheis"and han - CA.p cs/"ps v>p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>R85,335,+ Appihal beeop"> remep v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>MTthal so "of the best facuc=ytin t. Pz Thhii technology-en ighd trachologiesh"ased"myuihallen ing ripo I was righ to gf= theAr at theAr p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>MTtEthis e is the peif"> adeca to pursue yFietA IjFienhy. Thh profeslois"a e nottonly p b //i onhy here,rth y r"llly do go theA"> r.cmile,randAthat’s"whattsetsAMT"Ethis e apont.p cs/"ps v>p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Mediu-of-the-"sl_ infr.calong"with ">cellent facuc=ieshisAMT"Ethis e //i yFi. Prob igy theAonly facuc=ieshto "asure theAotupostst2":"Kstand theAco12tpts:thoroughly. Hats off to the way th y dwell dn-dtpth theAsubj"> whichAhelpsAotuposts nottonly from the exam peispective, but also from the profesli al incl Thare yFi MT"Ethis e //i aderp v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Befy etwe (CA aspa Nats) preplie //i Fietentr 12t exams,rth big . Thh trachia hhereAis:/hincitic! Thh fges/dly andAdown to "ar < na uE "of Profeslois, innovalst trachia h/images/ba makes"MT one of its:kind. WeAfelrsvgry co1fipost as theAco12tpts:weie Fntmy fia ertips. st but nottth ;"ast is"Ca5,335,, 'p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Hats off to MT"Ethis e’s"most d"Stca ed -st- 0 Edworkin h/acuc=iesh -st- han s. TopmSelec ;"> uEe:kids,rSelecroom infr.s '> uEe: -st- guip 12t havh tr 1s//imhd otuposts to oucceslful:profesli all I walue=T"all theAbest to grsa s oa er as a giant intA Icoachin p cs/"ps v>p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>R rioushsubj"> stweie c;"ared by theAtracheis"whichAhelped"make myuio12tpttc;"ar p cs/"ps v>p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp> y Olympiad p cs/"ps v>p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Thhse two yeons honed my talent , hyud"Stca tentt2"believrigh.. the etwere timhstwhentI felrslow.. felrsdtp up with flrtent..p cs/"ps v>p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp> p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Hello, IAam Chp v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Ittwas my good ;uce that I stupied ien p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>Many tharkl to tho wo":"Kful:/acuc=ytat MT"who helped"mo a loh I wouldAlikeAto say thattwith/ut MT, I wouldAnottbeAwhereAI amtnow p cs/"ps v>p v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> p:// v>pp>MTtEthis e is an institute thattofferl th best coachin hin theA/tionpof CA. Thh /acuc=ytare vgry helpful:andAhelp c;"ar theAco12tpts:iopa sitep v < >p://mSelect tritimoniue-blaro_blank"> and Permusshology,rwhereAall theAco12tpts:andAproighmsps e tauologyp//i ;"arnp p

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